What's Your Favorite Workout Equipment?

Try resistance machines and more in Binghamton, NY

Different exercises target different areas of the body. When considering your workout, what do you need to focus on? Pump House Fitness has the equipment to enable you to have a great workout.

Members of our 24-hour gym in Binghamton, NY can come whenever is convenient and use a wide range of equipment to work toward their fitness goals. From resistance machines to traditional weights, we've got it all. Not sure what to use? Discuss your fitness goals with our staff, and we'll point you in the right direction.

Use the right machines to meet your goals

Everyone has their preferred gym equipment when they work out. When you visit our gym, you'll have the option to use...

  • Cardiovascular machines: burn calories | boost stamina | target leg muscles
  • Free weight equipment: strengthen muscles | enjoy versatility | practice lifting techniques
  • Resistance machines: improve muscle tone | manage weight | maintain flexibility
Whatever your fitness goals are, we have the equipment to help you achieve them at your pace. Explore your options at our 24-hour gym today.