Thrive in a Fitness Community

Look into gym memberships in Binghamton, NY

Gyms are about forming a community of dedicated individuals who want to achieve their fitness goals. With a gym membership, you can renew your motivation in a group class, set individualized goals in personal training or take the chance to try a new workout method.

Your options are limitless with a membership to Pump House Fitness in Binghamton, NY. At our 24/7 gym, a membership gives you access to our facility whenever is most convenient for your schedule, not just from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. when staff is available. Join our thriving fitness community today.

Enroll in the membership plan that meets your needs

You'll love that a gym membership can be friendly to both your schedule and your wallet. You can choose from the following membership options:

  • Day Pass - $10
  • Week Pass - $25
  • Month Pass - $50
  • Yearly Pass - $40 monthly with an additional $40 maintenance fee the first month of the year
If you're a police officer, firefighter or service member, you can enjoy 10% off a yearly 24/7 gym membership. Call 607-624-4801 now to learn how to get a $350 promo to use on membership fees.